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Becky is an Entrepreneur, Life and Business Coach and a natural business woman. Becky owns a retail store and online support community, Becca Rose, in Mystic, CT. She opened Becca Rose in 2010 and by 2015 was able to step away and launch her Life and Business coaching business in support of people ready for THEIR dream life.

"This kind of work, helping people shift and realize their worth, and build a life and business they LOVE... THIS is what I live for."

My mission is to Empower my clients to tap into their inherent gifts, and that means learning how to hear the voice of Love, God, Universal Intelligence, whatever name you use for it. We all have access to that great wisdom and as you hone your ability to access it, every question you have will be answered, every step you're unsure of will be solidified, your vision will be clear, concise and focused and you will be unstoppable in your mission to live the life you LOVE.

Becky Mashuta is the real deal. She is smart, sincere and highly intuitive. I walk away from EVERY interaction with Becky a little more grounded, a little more enlightened and a little more in-tune. More than that, Becky inspires a sense of overall connectedness to all who pass through her sphere."


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